Are You Prepared for World Conflict III…A Dialog with Gerald Celente & Lynette Zang

At present on Espresso with Lynette, I’ve a really, very particular returning visitor, my very pricey good friend, Gerald Celente. He has opinions which have a lot worth with all of his historical past. At present, we’re sadly going to have to speak about what’s actually occurring, whether or not it’s World Conflict III, or what’s occurring with the debt bomb. I might spend hours and hours with him, however I’m so comfortable to have him again.

0:00 Gerald Celente
0:37 WWIII Has Begun
5:01 LIBOR/SOFR Coverup
10:16 Definition of Cash
20:33 Debt Markets
28:30 Soiled Money to Digital Trash
36:49 Combat for Freedom
43:57 Making ready for 2023


Lynette Zang (00:00):

So as we speak on Espresso with Lynette, I’ve a really, very particular returning visitor, my very pricey good friend, Gerald Celente, who has opinions which have a lot worth with all of his historical past. And as we speak we’re sadly going to have to speak about what’s actually occurring, whether or not it’s World Conflict III, what’s occurring with the debt bomb. And I might spend hours and hours with him, however I’m so comfortable to have him again. Thanks for coming, Gerald.

Gerald Celente (00:37):

World World Conflict III has begun once more. The journal coated two days earlier than Russia’s Russia’s invasion. The traits of Journal journal cowl Covid Conflict, Ukraine Conflict, World Conflict. This once more, that is, that is the Traits Journal from Spring of 2014.

Lynette Zang (01:04):

Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>

Gerald Celente (01:05):

Month-to-month, an article in right here. Washington is driving the world to the ultimate conflict. World of Gemini is just not a proper. America has earned by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant treasury secretary below Ronald Reagan. And he goes on to put in writing, Washington concluded that Russia wanted to be confronted with or distracted by issues that would depart the Russian authorities much less assured, have been capable of counter Washington’s aggression elsewhere. That is into the article. Ukraine introduced the proper alternative for Washington to advance and (inaudible) agenda in a speech on the Nationwide Press Membership final December, which was 2013, assistant Secretary of State Victoria Newland. And boasted that Washington had invested, not invested. They stole our cash, invested 5 billion in non-governmental organizations, NGOs in Ukraine, for the aim to show democracy. The USA, Victoria Newland, overthrew, the democratically elected authorities of Viktor Yanukovych, who was once more, a global group’s polling institute, mentioned it was a very truthful election. United States overthrew it as a result of he was favoring Russia. The deal was quite simple. Ukraine has been broke for the reason that Soviet Union broke up. Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative>, they wanted dough. They’re gonna make a cope with the IMF, the Worldwide Mafia, oh, excuse me, the financial fund and the EU or is it the FEU, no matter, you understand? Putin got here alongside and mentioned, pay attention, I’ll offer you a greater deal. I’ll offer you decrease rates of interest and I’ll minimize the worth of your oil and fuel Yanukovych mentioned, okay, we’ll go together with you. No, no. You’re not gonna try this. The USA overthrew this authorities. You, there was the photographs of Victoria Newman, the undersecretary of state passing out cookies in Maidan sq., John McCain, John, insane McCain with the Nazi teams, the as of Nazis of Ukraine. Oh. , that September sixth factor that they did in america was so horrible when these individuals went in there. Oh, yeah. Nevertheless it was okay when the teams went in there and over via the Yanukovych authorities? Once more, these, I’m not making these items up.

Lynette Zang (03:54):

No, it’s, it’s arduous knowledge.

Gerald Celente (03:57):

Yeah. There are Nazi affiliated teams, and by the way in which, return to 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 Ukraine, in line with the European Union, essentially the most corrupt nation in Europe. And america steals up. It’s all going as much as $115 billion of our dough when the subsequent invoice will get handed to ship weapons of demise to maintain blooding the killing fields over in Ukraine. This isn’t a proxy conflict. United States is at conflict with Ukraine. Hey, Lynette, pay attention, you’re from Kingston. You, you have been know this space, this man subsequent over right here, I wanna blow his brains out. Will you ship me some hand grenades and, and a few rifles and ammunition so I might kill him for those who did it. You’re an adjunct to the crime.

Lynette Zang (04:54):

Sure, certainly.

Gerald Celente (04:56):

Oh two is America and nato.

Lynette Zang (05:01):

So I’m gonna veer slightly bit, however I wanna keep on this for a minute as a result of do you suppose that, and it it’s completely your opinion. Do you suppose that loads of this can be a coverup for the LIBOR? SOFR transition subsequent 12 months that, that I don’t personally suppose they will pull off with with no hitch. I imply, do you suppose that that is the setup to do the entire social financial and monetary transition that the WEF and everyone has at these ranges have been speaking about?

Gerald Celente (05:38):

Completely. Completely. And the individuals comply with like that, take into consideration how silly the individuals may very well be. As soon as upon a time, not way back, there was slightly boy named Georgie Bush, a daddy’s boy born on third base in thirtieth residence run a moron of mendacity imbeciles of the primary diploma. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, Saddam Hussein has weapons and mass destruction in ties to Alqaeda and quote, and he tried to kill my daddy. , I’m comfortable you’ve been right here about my rally. I had one other one this previous July. I had among the many audio system, decide Napolitano, Scott Ritter Gary Doll and Phil Geraldi. Oh, Phil Giraldi. Yeah. Phil Giraldi, former high CIA man that went into Bush’s workplace with the info and the info that there have been no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Lynette Zang (06:41):

Properly we should always not let info get in the way in which.

Gerald Celente (06:44):

The threw, Bush advised Giraldi to go away the workplace and Giraldi stop. That is how, once more, I’m displaying how simply the individuals will go after conflict. Sure. The little moron in imbecile, Georgie Bush. We’re gonna get that man Osama bin Laden lifeless her alive, quote, Afghan conflict, longest conflict in American historical past. Over 80% of People supported it. Now let’s go to the Covid conflict. You’ll do what I let you know to do. I’m smug. Gavin Newsom. I’m little DeWine in Ohio. I’m Andy Cuomo in New York. I’m a president, prime minister across the nation. You’ll do what I let you know to do. Sure, sir. Sure, sir. And Bend do take that vax it’s an operation warp velocity vax that we rush via and it comes from the drug cartel. So be sure to get a shot. Sure sir. Sure sir. The individuals comply with like that, the propaganda that’s constructed up in opposition to the hatred of Russia. Has the individuals able to go, march off to I’m a Yankee doodle Dandee a Yankee doodle doer die. A do or die over there. Over there, over Yanks are coming over there. All proper. Look how fast they comply with. Yeah. This is occurring between Ukraine and Russia for over 300 years. The Donbas area that broke aside once more, the info got here out final week. It’s in traits journal about how Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany. On the time when the, when the revolution occurred within the overthrow of the federal government of Ukraine in 2014, they put collectively the Minsk settlement, France in Germany. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. She made it very clear that we solely put this collectively to not u to maintain the separatist area over there till they got here out with a deal, the Donbas area. Cuz they’re all Russians. They voted for Yanukovych in opposition to the overthrow. So we’ll preserve this separate for now and let’s calm down. They mentioned the one cause they did it was to make Ukraine stronger so they may combat Russia as a result of they may not defeat them nor NATO again in 2014 and 2015 they violated the minsk settlement. They killed over 14,000 individuals within the Donbas area. However these are solely info we received’t speak about. So what I’m saying is that there’s going to be a false flag occasion that don’t get the individuals united in opposition to Russia and go to conflict. Proper. And right here’s the very fact you introduced it up earlier than, and I’m going again to it. I wished to construct a situation. Are they going to do what you mentioned? Convey us completely into the brand new world order, robbing us of our rights, our freedom, our cash, and each, sure. Sure. They already did with the Covid conflict. They’re gonna do with this as a result of when all else fails, they take you to conflict. Precisely. They’ll take us to conflict after which we’re doing this to avoid wasting America. All of your cash now shall be digital. We are going to monitor each penny that you simply spend. We are going to know the place you spent it, whenever you spent it, and we’ll take each penny in taxes that we are able to seize from you.

Lynette Zang (10:16):

what scares me essentially the most about that? I imply, there are some things whenever you have a look at the CBDC’s and essentially the most present report that I’ve learn on them. Primary, have you learnt that they really have modified the definition of cash the place it was a medium of change? Let’s see it a software of measure, a medium of change, a short-term software of worth. So that you’re pretty paid on your labor and a long-term retailer of worth in order that regardless of whenever you use it, it all the time retains that worth and also you’re pretty paid on your labor. They, I don’t know after they did it as a result of I couldn’t discover they, they simply cleaned all the pieces up so properly. However primary, they took the fourth one out the long-term retailer of worth, which is basically extra sincere since we all know that these {dollars} lose worth, you understand, the longer you maintain them. However after they carry within the CBDC’s, they’ve additionally eradicated formally in that system. As soon as they try this, then the third spot is a brief time period retailer of worth since you’ll have your pay or any cash immediately deposited right into a unfavourable yielding account, and so they can decide how low that yield’s gonna go. So that you’re not ever gonna be pretty paid. And cash is now merely a software of measure and a software of barter. Wait a minute, we work for this cash. In order that they have to cover that and so they’ll use conflict for positive to do it. I imply, they do that each time 100% of the time.

Gerald Celente (11:58):

What adopted the Nice Melancholy? World Conflict II? What adopted bust. Oh, you imply the conflict on terror? Oh yeah. You imply, you imply the NASDAQ was now 66% earlier than 9/11? Yeah, that’s proper. Yeah. The whole lot was crashed. Oh, forecasted the traits journal October, 1999, that the markets bust would occur by the second quarter of 2000. Once more, Bush’s spot on Bush’s reputation score was happening the bathroom the place that little piece of crap must be flushed down proper now, that homicide, little mendacity, he must be introduced up on conflict crime fees together with the remainder of them. However going again to it, when all else fails, they take you to conflict. The worldwide economic system is failing at a stage unprecedented in fashionable historical past. Proper. We’re in for a socioeconomic and geopolitical disaster. The likes of which we’re unimaginable as a result of let’s discuss concerning the unimaginable. The Covid conflict breaks out Chinese language lunar New 12 months 2020, the 12 months of the rat <snicker>, January. By February, all the pieces begins closing down by March, the markets are crashing. Persons are freaking out. Hey, don’t fear about it. Keep residence. Hey, right here’s some cash. Yeah. Hey, you bought a enterprise? You need some cash? Hey, right here’s some cash. Hey, don’t fear about it. We’re gonna decrease rates of interest to zero. So all you huge guys, you retain shopping for up extra in your merger and acquisition exercise will hit an all-time excessive in 2021. We’ll pump all this $6 trillion from the federal government and the place the banksters will pump in all the cash that you simply want. Identical factor in Europe, unfavourable rates of interest as inflation’s going method, method, method, method up. And these little freaks mendacity about it saying, no, it’s solely momentary. No, it’s solely transitory. And now within the woke world, Lynette, let’s name it transgender story as a result of we’ll actually be silly about it. So now they pumped in all of his dough all world wide to artificially prop up equities. Oh, the housing, the housing all synthetic. And now the economic system’s slowing down from an artificially propped up one. That is going to crash the loudest crash ever heard in fashionable historical past.

Lynette Zang (14:29):

Oh, no, little doubt. And you understand, actually for me, having studied foreign money life cycles, that is the tip. That is the tip of this foreign money experiment interval. And that’s why issues are a lot greater than what we’ve ever seen. And and it’s gonna get a complete lot worse.

Gerald Celente (14:51):

Once more, you understand, I don’t give monetary recommendation and you understand, we’ve no ads within the traits journal. We don’t do it. I I all the time converse for my aspect. I started my profession when the Iranian disaster broke out. Individuals have been taught to hate Iran with out understanding the element of america overthrow the democratically elected authorities of Mossadegh 1953. As a result of Winston Churchill, the MI6 and the CIA wished the oil that was managed by commonplace oil, which is ExxonMobil as we speak. And, and, and Anglo Iranian oil higher identified as we speak’s BP. However anyway, in order everyone’s studying to hate the Iranians, like they hate the Russians, I mentioned, what’s gonna occur? I mentioned, gold and oil costs are gonna go up.

Lynette Zang (15:29):

Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>

Gerald Celente (15:30):

And I used to be working in DC in Chicago in these days. I used to be the Chief Authorities Affairs Specialist for the chemical business. And I began enjoying the futures market $5,000. I become virtually three quarters of million {dollars} inside the subsequent two years. And that’s once I stop my job and I began to develop up too. , that wouldn’t know what I do know, by the way in which, if I wasn’t on the opposite aspect. Precisely. And he was speaking and also you have been speaking concerning the currencies. I’ve {a photograph} of me and John Connolly, that’s, he was the governor of Texas that took the bullet within the again, sitting in entrance of JFK. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. And he wished to fulfill me again in 1992. And I’ve a photograph of me, him and his spouse, Nelly, in entrance of the e book Depository, the primary time again for the reason that assassination. Anyway, making a really lengthy story brief, and I’m going again to precisely what you mentioned concerning the currencies. As we’re strolling again into the Anatole Lodge, he mentioned to me, Gerald, I learn your e book Development Monitoring Time Journal, 5 different mega traits. And he mentioned, and I do know your coronary heart’s in the precise place. Now bear in mind, that is the man that took the bullet within the again sitting in entrance of Kennedy. He was additionally the treasury secretary below Richard Nixon, a Republican. After they took america off the gold commonplace, we’re going again in. He mentioned to me, I do know you’re coronary heart’s in the precise place. He mentioned, however you don’t have a clue what’s happening and neither do the American individuals, as a result of in the event that they did, they’d be a revolution on this nation.

Lynette Zang (17:11):

Sure. You simply gave me chills. Go forward.

Gerald Celente (17:15):

That was 1992. We stayed in touch. I knew he was going to die. The man that put the assembly on John Jay mentioned, Jason, he’s on his method out. I used to be sitting, we was in a limousine, it was me, John Jay Hooker, Pat Caddell, who was the pollster for on the time. And Rama Fox. It was Larry King’s girlfriend on the time. And it was, it was Hooker that obtained parole on Larry King. Anyway, we’re in a limousine and we’re getting back from the Antole from the the location. And I mentioned to him, the way you feeling? He mentioned, I’m not feeling nicely. I checked out his arms and he had all these purpleish pink splotches on him, and I knew he was on prednisone as a result of my father might relaxation in peace. Labored within the shipyards throughout World Conflict II and obtained asbestos poisoning. And I’ve a photograph of my dad and I had a going away get together for him. His arms are all, you understand, like, and with all these purple splotches and Connelley had the identical ones. I mentioned, the way you feeling? He mentioned, not good. He mentioned, I obtained adhesions in my lungs and he obtained me on prednisone. So I advised Hooker, I mentioned, you understand, he’s gonna die quickly. Stated, Gerald, how might you say that? I mentioned, I’ve seen footage earlier than. I stayed in touch with Connolly from October to February, after which he died in April. And what’s occurred on this nation, it breaks my coronary heart. And I simply turned 76 and I mentioned to myself, I’m gonna combat for the spirit of 1776. I’m solely me as a result of I’m a Napolitano born within the Bronx proper after the conflict, born to be free. And now I obtained some little clown telling me what to do? What are you kidding me? What? Are you kidding me? If a, if slightly Chucky Schumer, slightly Chucky Schumer, Hey, Celente, come over right here. I wanna discuss to you. I mentioned, F you, you wanna discuss to me? Come over right here. I’m a person. I’m not your slave. And everyone’s grow to be your plantation employees of slavelandia to those little clown girls and boys enjoying politician. They’re going to, they’ve taken us World Conflict III. They’re demonic, they’re mentally unwell. These are evil individuals. And when World Conflict III breaks out finish of the world, once more, world Conflict II’s, not historical historical past. Oh, Europe was destroyed. Nuclear explosions finish of life. And imbeciles saying issues like, I’m gonna construct a bomb shelter. Oh, don’t neglect when the bomb goes off, however you going to the desk and put your arms down,

Lynette Zang (20:08):

I do not forget that

Gerald Celente (20:10):

The bomb shelter you’re gonna come out to hell? They requested Albert Einstein the captain knew a factor or two about, you understand, atomic bombs, what sort of weapons will we use to combat the third World Conflict? He mentioned, I don’t know. He mentioned, however they’ll be utilizing sticks and stones to combat the fourth. If we don’t unite for peace and cease this. It’s over. It’s over.

Lynette Zang (20:33):

Yeah. I, I, I couldn’t agree with you extra. And all of the indicators of the tip are literally there. , we discuss concerning the system being debt-based and that implies that it’s important to continuously compound and develop that debt. Why don’t you discuss to us a few bit about what’s occurring in these debt markets?

Gerald Celente (20:55):

Once more, it’s quite simple. Let’s, let’s take the, once more to me, you understand, one in every of my issues the G’s three G’s weapons, gold and a getaway plan, the speaking concerning the debt, proper? The Fed simply raised rates of interest. One other 50 foundation factors.

Lynette Zang (21:12):


Gerald Celente (21:14):

So they simply raised them. So now they’re gonna should pay extra on the debt, the phony debt that they created, larger rates of interest. There’s going to be an workplace constructing bust, the likes of that are unprecedented. After they had the covid conflict and folks have been compelled to work for at residence, they’re saying to themselves, God, how the hell did I rise up each morning all these years at 5 o’clock within the morning and drive an hour and a half every method forwards and backwards. I’m not gonna try this anymore. Distant work is actual. Persons are not gonna be going again to the workplaces full-time. Yep. The workplace sector is overbuilt already. And now it’s, for those who’re fortunate to have an workplace occupancy fee of fifty% nationally. So all the companies that relied on computer systems, commuters, they’re happening as nicely. However the workplace going again to debt, all these huge firms and personal these huge workplaces. Oh, now you could have rates of interest to vary and it’s important to pay extra now in your debt. Oh. After which there are there issues known as the rising markets. Oh, the rising markets that borrow cash in {dollars} and as their currencies are sinking to nothing, they want extra their currencies to pay their debt? Once more, what we do is we take a globalnomic perspective of pattern forecasting. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. So taking it to the opposite ranges and speaking about conflict earlier than and all else fails. They take you to conflict. You’re residing in a rustic now the place in an rising market nation the place you, you possibly can’t, you don’t have primary residing requirements. Yeah. Authorities, corrupt crime, violence, you suppose you’re gonna wanna go away. You’re gonna see an immigration disaster, the likes of which you suppose it’s unhealthy. Now you’re gonna see civil unrest all world wide if this isn’t modified.

Lynette Zang (23:00):

Properly, we’re already seeing it develop too, although. Even proper now we’re seeing civil unrest.

Gerald Celente (23:07):

Yep. Develop. And that’s what I’m saying. It’s what’s gonna escalate if we don’t transfer for peace, it’s completed. Once more, I don’t care what faith you imagine in, the God you imagine in believes in peace. There’s no God that I ever heard of that believes in conflict or sending weapons of demise to maintain killing individuals and never negotiating for peace. Once more, this has been happening between Russia and Ukraine, for instance, for over 300 years. They’re taking down the statue of Katherine the Nice, she created Odessa. , hell she hated the Ukrainians. Oh, that Katherine the good 1750. Oh yeah. It’s been happening that lengthy. Oh, I simply discovered this. And once more, you’ve been up right here and, you understand, know the constructing I’m speaking about on the 4 corners. Yep.

Lynette Zang (23:49):

Oh, good

Gerald Celente (23:51):

Academy. That is the Daley Freeman. They used to return out twice a day. That is the night version. Prepared for the headline?

Lynette Zang (23:58):


Gerald Celente (24:00):

Could tenth, 1960 Soviet threatens rockets at spy bases. Wow. So it says the Soviets are threatening rockets. That’s spy bases. In order that they’re gonna blow up the spy bases with rockets. Proper, proper. Okay. No. So

Lynette Zang (24:22):

That is the Chilly Conflict. Are you speaking about Cuba? Yeah,

Gerald Celente (24:25):

Yeah. No, no, no. That is the headline.

Lynette Zang (24:27):


Gerald Celente (24:28):

That is what, so that you learn the headline and also you suppose the Soviets are going to assault a US base. That is AP story. That is the way it begins. Premium. Nikita Cruise ship warned Monday that the Soviet rockets will shoot down any extra provide planes that enterprise over Soviet soil. <Snigger> and his authorities will take acceptable countermeasures. Wait a minute, that’s not what the headline says.

Lynette Zang (24:57):


Gerald Celente (24:59):

However that’s how they promote propaganda. And that’s why I’m pointing this out. They’re doing the identical factor now.

Lynette Zang (25:07):

Yeah they’re.

Gerald Celente (25:07):

All they do is promote, the New York Occasions noticed the lie that Saddam Hussein had these uranium tubes, no matter, you understand, one after one other. Equity and accuracy reporting did a examine displaying that when the Iraq conflict broke out, lower than 4% of the individuals on the media have been both impartial or in opposition to the conflict. So what I’m saying is that they’ve propped the individuals up. And simply because the individuals marched off to the Covid Conflict, World Conflict I, World Conflict II, Vietnam Conflict, Afghan Conflict, Iraq Conflict, they’ll march off to the conflict in opposition to the evil Russians and it’ll destroy life on earth.

Lynette Zang (25:50):

Yeah. Particularly since Russia has introduced that they don’t have any downside being for a strike. They type of pulled that again, however I imply, you don’t even hear anyone speaking about it, however simply even the, the specter of it. After which, I imply, I, I nonetheless marvel how a lot of this, the wars and, and all of the debt markets and all of that, how a lot is that about hiding the actual transition? Trigger we’re going into 2023.

Gerald Celente (26:20):

One hundred percent hiding it. That’s what I’m saying. Yeah. They get the pink strains. Take a look at individuals are can’t afford, what? Oh, the worth of eggs solely went up 49.7% final month. 12 months from 12 months to 12 months. Oh, the worth of beef. The worth of the worth of this. The worth of that.

Lynette Zang (26:36):

Wait, they’ve management of inflation now, proper? Aren’t they getting inflation below management, Gerald?

Gerald Celente (26:40):

Yeah. Yellen, yelled it out on 60 minutes is previous Sunday. That’s below management. Yeah. oh. That is the Yellen that mentioned it wasn’t current after which it was solely momentary. So once more, you’re 100% right and so they did it with the Covid conflict. Look. Return to 2019. Let’s return to September.

Lynette Zang (27:01):

Sure. Let’s try this.

Gerald Celente (27:03):

What what’s a repo market? Oh, you imply the factor that the federal, the place the, the fellows borrow cash, the gamblers borrow cash so they may gamble huge on Wall Road? And so they wanted extra dough. And the Federal Reserve dumped 7 trillion into the repo markets? Between September and January, 2020? Let’s return to, let’s return to, let’s return to 2019 when Germany, the richest nation in Europe was a fraction away from going into recession. Mm-Hmm.

Lynette Zang (27:42):


Gerald Celente (27:43):

This factor was happening lengthy earlier than Oh yeah. Let’s return to, oh, it’s Christmas time. Let’s return to Christmas time 2018 when the markets have been crashing and Trump pushed Powell to decrease rates of interest. Oh he did. And it artificially propped the markets again up. Yep. The markets have been artificially propped up for the reason that crash. Since for the reason that panic of 08.

Lynette Zang (28:08):

Yep. Yeah. Properly that’s actually when the system died.

Gerald Celente (28:13):

Yeah. They didn’t train me about unfavourable and 0 rate of interest coverage or a factor known as quantitative easing in economics 101 or graduate college.

Lynette Zang (28:21):

Oh yeah. However I imply, for those who hearken to the central banks, unfavourable, you understand, not going to unfavourable charges is a alternative. It’s a alternative.

Gerald Celente (28:29):


Lynette Zang (28:30):

There’s actually no basis in actuality from that. Certain. Why, why wouldn’t I work my butt off, mortgage you cash and pay you to mortgage me for me to mortgage you cash? I imply, come on. That is smart.

Gerald Celente (28:43):

Makes good sense to maintain your cash within the financial institution and so they don’t offer you something by holding it, however they mortgage it out and make some huge cash on it. Oh, and by the way in which, and for those who wanna borrow from them, they’s gonna value you some huge cash too. However right here’s your However take your cash and put it in a financial institution and allow them to have management of it. Oh, by the way in which, to me, anyone holding some huge cash in a financial institution, do what you wanna do. You’re outta your thoughts. You might be. And let you know why.

Lynette Zang (29:09):


Gerald Celente (29:11):

When 9 11 occurred again within the day, USA At present was an enormous newspaper. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. And based mostly on my high traits yearly, and the headline, the highest traits for 2021 was 2021 received’t be our 12 months (inaudible) says, I warned a wave of anti-Americanism was sweeping the globe and People could be secure at residence or overseas. Individuals neglect, they don’t know. All of the individuals Invoice Clinton killed each time he obtained caught together with his pants down bombs method over Baghdad. The happening with the, with Yugoslav conflict, coming again to Madeline Albright on 60 Minutes being requested by Leslie Stahl is the worth of sanctions and the conflict that President Clinton has placed on a rock definitely worth the demise of 500,000 Iraqi kids below the age of 5. And <inaudible> says, sure, it was. So when 9 11 occurred, I’m watching, I’m having a cup of espresso listening to CNBC and this man mentioned, you understand a airplane simply hit the, the World Commerce Middle, however let’s not get upset about this, you understand, a airplane hit the World Commerce Middle? Personal airplane. We’re gonna, we’re gonna take a break. We’re gonna in the reduction of to down there. In these days, I used to do loads of scorching air ballooning and I used to fly loads in non-public planes as a result of I did talks far and wide and I’d have my good friend fly me, I’m up in Reinbeck on the time, fly me right down to Newark, fly me as much as Albany on a personal airplane and doing scorching air balloon. I knew these items rather well. It was a wonderfully clear day. And I mentioned to myself the very first thing, there’s no method {that a} airplane might by chance crash into the World Commerce Middle. Proper. On a lovely gentle as we speak. Then I’m watching it and hastily you see the factor collapse. They are saying the planes have been happening the Hudson River. I mentioned to myself, they’re happening the Hudson River and I do know this space the wrong way up, the wrong way up. There’s an Indian Level nuclear energy plant. It’s about 35 miles north of New York Metropolis. In the event that they hit that nuclear energy plant on the Hudson River, it’s gonna be chaos such as you’ve by no means seen in your life. Yeah. So one of many first issues I did is I picked up the cellphone and I had certificates of deposit again then. You used to get cash on the cash you deposited and CDs and I had it in a bag up in Massachusetts. I would like the cash transferred to the my Reinbeck financial institution trigger I’m gonna get the hell outta there. I’m all able to go. I had fuel, I had my weapons gold and a getaway plan. I figured I’d go as much as Canada and I’m 4 hours away from it and I take the again roads trigger I do know they closed the massive ones down. I’m all deliberate out. I’m sorry Mr. Celente, you possibly can’t get your cash. Certificates of deposit are traded on Wall Road and Wall Road is closed. So mainly, screw you. Girls and gents. The Russians have simply hacked into our banking system, dan da-da-da! However don’t fear, we’re gonna do all the pieces we are able to to get your cash after which when it comes again, by the way in which, it’ll be precisely what you mentioned from soiled money to digital trash. Yeah. Properly we couldn’t get your a refund, however right here’s what we’re gonna do for you. So one thing like that. Yep. So why would you retain your cash within the arms of someone else? Would you give it to me to carry?

Lynette Zang (32:46):

<Snigger>? , for those who don’t maintain it, you don’t personal it and it doesn’t matter what your notion is, that is out of the system. Proper? It turns into invisible to those guys. They’ll’t contact it. Yeah.

Gerald Celente (33:04):

In the event you don’t maintain it, you don’t personal it. Completely mentioned. And it goes again to why, to me, treasured metals, they need to have been method, method up and artificially pushed down. Sure. Once more, it’s, look, they’ve, oh the markets are happening. Let’s carry within the plunge safety crew. <Snigger>.

Lynette Zang (33:26):

I bear in mind after they created that again within the eighties, trigger I used to be there on black Monday. You do not forget that was after black Monday. Now hastily we’ve the plunge safety crew. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. Yep. As a result of these are truthful markets.

Gerald Celente (33:40):

Yeah, yeah, positive. Yeah. Look, to point out you the way low society can go and why it’s important to be an imbecile or moron to swallow the crap popping out of the mainstream media.

Lynette Zang (33:55):


Gerald Celente (33:57):

The New York Occasions, they name themselves the paper of document extra appropriately the bathroom paper of document as a result of all they do is promote crap and it’s good to be crap, that they had that deal e book factor.

Lynette Zang (34:10):


Gerald Celente (34:10):

December 1st. Who’d they create in as a speaker? Bankman-Fried

Speaker 3 (34:18):


Lynette Zang (34:20):


Gerald Celente (34:21):


Lynette Zang (34:23):


Gerald Celente (34:24):

Oh yeah, yeah. What you imply? You introduced that man whenever you knew that this was coming down? Yeah. why Celente? As a result of we’re a member of the membership.

Lynette Zang (34:35):


Lynette Zang (34:37):

And he paid to be a part of that membership with buyer deposits. He paid, I feel, you understand, because you introduced that up, one of many issues that I feel is basically attention-grabbing on that subject that they’re speaking about are all of those politicians that took all, I imply, it was the second largest donor to each campaigns, either side. It doesn’t matter. Take your decide. And, and a few of them, I don’t know the place that’s going to shake out but, however what I’m listening to is that a few of these politicians are donating that cash to charities. Wait a minute, why wouldn’t they provide it again to the those who misplaced the cash? What do you imply you’re donating it to charities? Now I’m very charitable and I feel that’s like critically necessary for individuals to, to be and do. However that is from fraud and also you’re taking that cash and giving it to charity as an alternative of again to the those who misplaced that cash. Do you could have an opinion on this?

Gerald Celente (35:43):

It’s a criminal offense syndicate that individuals name a authorities. Take a look at the clowns operating that little Beto stroll down in Texas that I feel it’s Stacey Abrams up in, in down in over in Georgia, spent 100 million {dollars} to run for governor and misplaced. Oh, that is America that’s bringing freedom and democracy. All of the international locations they invade when it’s important to have be in a membership and get all of the dough from the bigs to run for workplace, 100 million {dollars} to run a dropping race for governor. Do you, I imply, can’t individuals see what’s happening in entrance of them?

Lynette Zang (36:22):

Proper? I imply, what’s the return on that hundred million greenback? Even when she received.

Gerald Celente (36:30):

Oh, the return is, is you’re gonna do what I let you know to do. Precisely.

Lynette Zang (36:32):


Gerald Celente (36:33):


Lynette Zang (36:36):

There’s positively a membership.

Gerald Celente (36:39):

Properly, George Collins mentioned it’s one huge membership and also you ain’t in it. And that’s what, to me, the one factor that’s going to vary this can be a new third get together and I’m pushing I’ll let you know what I’m pushing

Lynette Zang (36:51):

For. Yeah, please do.

Gerald Celente (36:53):

That is the ticket that I wanna see a brand new get together and possibly on the libertarian line for president RFK Jr for Vice President Decide Andrew Napolitano.

Lynette Zang (37:18):

That might be an incredible ticket. I imply that is, and and particularly with the decide who completely is aware of the structure.

Gerald Celente (37:31):

Yep. And I, you understand, I simply obtained these framed, you understand, I simply got here up with this buddy simply obtained these framed Yeah. RFK goes residence. So that is RFK Jr’s father. His father’s assassinated. President killed, his uncle assassinated. This man, he is aware of and feels what none of us might ever, ever think about. RFK Jr.

Gerald Celente (38:10):

I imply, he’s within the membership, man. This man is aware of the membership. He’s been with everyone world wide. And you understand, I did a chat, a matter of reality it was Napolitano myself, RFK Jr. And Massey, the man from Kentucky, the congressman at Ron Paul’s occasion, I feel it was in 2021. And I used to be a speaker simply earlier than RFK Jr. And he was the final, he was the final speaker earlier than Ron Paul. And as he’s strolling off the stage, he mentioned, and I’ll proceed to combat for freedom till my demise. We’re being destroyed in entrance of our eyes. And if the individuals don’t unite for freedom, you understand, it’s completed, it’s completed. And once more, know, you understand, I launched Occupy Peace and the Common Church of Freedom, Peace, and Justice. I’m doing all the pieces I can as you do too. To combat. I, we’d like, we’d like a world peace motion. However going again, I feel, I feel a brand new get together with RFK and, and Napolitano might change the course of America if, in the event that they don’t assassinate one or each of them.

Lynette Zang (39:40):

Yeah. Isn’t RFK Jr. Doesn’t he run the Youngsters’s Protection Community? Yep.

Gerald Celente (39:49):

Completely against the Senate operation. Warp velocity. Vax once more you wanna take the vex take it, however don’t inform me what to do.

Lynette Zang (39:57):


Gerald Celente (39:59):

And I’m not an imbecile. I do know the info. Oh, they simply handed the factor. Now they may inject them into 5 month previous kids. Okay, nice. Let’s have a look at the info between.

Lynette Zang (40:14):

Who cares concerning the knowledge. I imply, I’m not saying I don’t care concerning the knowledge, however I imply let’s ignore the info as a result of that’s been Washington and Wall Road’s opinion. Yeah,

Gerald Celente (40:24):

Yeah. Washington. Yeah. So the info on, on deaths, there are 72 million, 1 to 17 12 months olds in america. 72 million. In a course of two and a half years. Out of 72 million, lower than 2000 died of covid. Out of that 2000 that died of 72 million in line with the CDC 60% that have been hospitalized have been overweight and also you’re given photographs to slightly 5 month previous child? Yeah trigger we’re drug sellers and we’ll do something we wish and we pay the media. You watch go activate CNBC/CNN, all of them. And also you see all our drug advertisements. You bought it? They do inform ’em to do their prostitutes. They’re media wars. They receives a commission to place out by their company pimps and their authorities arm masters. So swallow their crap. So going again to JFK Jr or RFK Jr, excuse me, RFK Jr. He’s combating and he, and, and once more, these are two males that I imagine may give, carry peace, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness again to america.

Lynette Zang (41:58):

That’s precisely what we’d like. And that’s why what your work is and the occupy and the entire peace motion that’s so critically necessary. We, we can’t let these identical those who obtained us into this circumstance which are manipulating all the pieces. I imply, you understand, there’s just a few entities that personal the entire media that we’re used to . , it’s straightforward to affect that. And so they have a proper plan, which really was below Ronald Reagan after they formalized this, the notion administration that each one of those sensible minds on psychology and psychiatry. In order that they know the way to transfer us in a path, however we’ve to combat in opposition to it. Now we have to carry again peace.

Gerald Celente (42:49):

Now we have to be true People. , I once I had the final rally I learn a few of George Washington’s farewell handle warning the American individuals to not get entangled in international entanglements, significantly in Europe as a result of this crap has been going off the centuries. Proper. It’s not our enterprise, we’re People. And, and there may be these nice quotes. I had one right here right here it’s. America goes not overseas in quest of monsters to destroy John Quincy Adams. This can be a have a look at the man that’s enjoying our Secretary of Protection, Lloyd Austin. We’re speaking concerning the corruption of the political system and the way they’re purchased and paid for. This man got here from the board of administrators at Raytheon, the second largest protection contractor in america, and he’s our Secretary of Protection. What am I, six years previous? Who’re you speaking to?

Lynette Zang (43:48):

Proper. Properly…

Gerald Celente (43:55):


Lynette Zang (43:57):

I wanna be respectful of your time and I need to make it possible for all the pieces that you could be mentioned will get mentioned. So, and there’s a lot that we haven’t talked about as we speak, however is there something that you simply really feel is critically necessary? And the way can individuals get ahold of you and have a look at your sensible, sensible, sensible work.

Gerald Celente (44:21):

Thanks. Yeah. The very first thing is, you understand, I simply advised you I, I simply turned 76 and I work out now greater than I ever have in my life. Yeah. Now we have to, I preserve including extra issues to, to do. So everyone, and you understand, I didn’t know, you understand, once I was a child consuming dinner, my father’s sitting on the head of the desk, I’m sitting to the left of him and he consuming and he mentioned, have a look at me within the eye. So, you understand, son, they mentioned, youth is wasted on the younger. He’d take a pair extra bites and also you have a look at me once more and say, they have been speaking about you <snicker>

Lynette Zang (44:57):


Gerald Celente (45:00):

You don’t know something whenever you’re younger. No. It’s a studying course of. It’s a studying course of. So what I’m saying to everyone, continue to learn. The older you get, the wiser you get for those who continue to learn, I’m not the identical man I used to be once I was a younger man, not even shut. And the crap that I pulled,

Lynette Zang (45:17):


Gerald Celente (45:18):

Actually, I labored once more, I used to be killing environmental laws on the top of the environmental motion in dc 28 years previous, I’m staying on the Wooden lodge and placing my conferences line, Hey Adams. , so I imply, I pulled loads of, you understand, however you develop and also you’ll be taught. And that’s the method of life. So that you’re asking me what’s an important factor? For everyone to get in the most effective form you possibly can bodily, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You might be within the combat on your life. And if, and I’m a fighter, you understand, I taught shut fight for a few years. I’m a peaceable man. , I, I, you understand, I respect everyone, however I’ll assault the attacker. So for those who attempt to assault me, I’ll kill you. Make it within the combat. Should be in form. So it’s necessary. Sure. You’re additionally, we’re combating demonic evil spirits as I see it. And we’ve to be in the most effective thoughts body we are able to. Over 60% of American individuals eat extremely processed meals. You’re consuming crap, you’re killing your self. In order that’s primary. Quantity two, whenever you’re getting in the most effective form you possibly can bodily, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally do all the pieces you possibly can to do one thing constructive daily to assist somebody wherever, anyplace anyhow, in any method that you really want. Do one thing constructive. Sure. And, and once more, for those who need, you understand, the, the Traits Journal journal, it’s, And I feel I’m gonna change the title now to trans Perhaps <snicker> Trans Journal. Why not? Let’s not be silly and for the peace motion, or, which is the church As a result of I’m a warrior for the Prince of Peace, I’m combating for peace. It’s Christmas once more. It’s not believing in Christ, it’s believing within the function of peace on earth, goodwill to all. And once more, it’s not about faith. Once more, I might let you know the horror tales of me going to Catholic college, you understand, with, with say the nun beat me up within the fifth grade, perforated my center 12 months, broke my eardrum. I used to be by no means capable of get my ears moist once more the remainder of my life. And as a child, 10 years previous, I used to water snowboarding Hudson River, going over the wakes of ship on slalom. Then I might by no means, and virtually having the ability to do a 180, by no means having the ability to get my, my ears moist once more. And she or he left me again. So I grew to become the stupidest child to highschool. So it has nothing to do about faith, however as I say, I’m simply comfortable. Father Foley was a women man. May’ve been loads worse. <Snigger>.

Lynette Zang (48:14):

Properly, Gerald, it’s all the time nice to see you and spend time with you. And I would like you to spend extra time, I imply, this has been a 12 months, we’ve a 12 months developing and we didn’t even get an opportunity to speak about it. So, however I’ll have you ever again on quickly for those who’ll come again, again on

Gerald Celente (48:31):

Anytime. Oh, and, and Lynette, thanks a lot for all that you simply do and, and what you might be providing the individuals and offering them. And as you understand, I’m, you’re a fantastic supply for me as nicely, and I imagine belief and purchase from what you might be giving the individuals. So thanks a lot for all that you simply do and I’m gonna attempt to do all I can to return down, down and go to this 12 months.

Lynette Zang (48:51):

Yeah, positively do. And you’ve got a spot to remain. Simply if you would like it, it’s as much as you. Nevertheless it’s good so that you’d prefer it. <Snigger> and thanks all for becoming a member of us as we speak. I hope you bought as a lot out of it as I did. I imply, we might have much more dialog and we’ll developing. However till subsequent we meet, please be secure on the market. Bye-Bye.


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